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Well actually the Flying Picket Cycle Cafe, which was out and about in York yesterday supporting the strike and got reported by the BBC. Greens were involved, with Green Councillor Andy D’Agorne in the photo on the BBC website, shown below. York Stop the Cuts organised this mass pedal through the city, visiting picket lines. The cycle group towed a trolley containing tea and coffee, aiming to visit a number of official picket lines at government offices, colleges and schools.


Green Councillor Andy D'Agorne


As was Billy Bragg on pensions, and Greece, tonight on Any Questions and great that he fiercely criticised Ed Miliband for his condemnation of the strike. Miliband’s soundbite from his speech to the Local Government Association, that “The Labour Party I lead will always be the party of the mums and dads who know the value of a day’s education” had me incandescent with rage. As it did the teachers at the school I work at, on return to work today – people working at the chalkface, putting heart and soul into our children’s future and, in a school like ours in a deprived area, helping pick up the pieces of lives devastated by the damage this unjust, grossly unequal society inflicts.

Mind you Mark Serwotka demolishing Tory minister Francis Maude on the Today programme had been a great way to start the day, definitely worth listening to the clip. Extremely refreshing to hear someone cut right through the devious dishonesty….


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