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Jellyfish shut down Torness Nuclear Power Station south of Edinburgh and one commenter on the Guardian article, Bluecloud, argues that jellyfish swarms are rapidly increasing due to overfishing and climate change. A BBC article says that although water temperatures along the east coast of Scotland have been relatively normal, it is thought that higher than average temperatures elsewhere in the North Sea may be a factor.

So nuclear power stations will be more and more likely to fall victim to the consequences of a heating planet, and of course continuing catastrophic overfishing.

Which brings me onto the State of our Oceans report, that we are “at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history” – ecosystem collapse is happening. You can download the full report here. We desperately need to protect our blue planet.

And then there’s our green lungs, the forests. The government’s panel to decide the future of our forests is now up and running and will be taking answers to their questions till end of July. So 38 degrees have a link to the panel’s questions. As they say, “a flood of messages will show the panel that the public wants our forests protected, not sold off to private companies”. They will collect all our answers together and hand them over to the panel as “a huge, people-powered message – protect our forests!”

This is crucial because “the panel answers to Caroline Spelman, the same minister who cooked up the plans to sell the forests in the first place. So although the panel could come up with sensible plans for our woodlands future, they could be under pressure to rubber-stamp more sell-offs.”

We need another urgent campaign about this to prevent the Government going for another sell-off.


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