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The Tyrant is gone but now to end the tyranny: A thoughtful piece from Jim Jepps about what now in Egypt.  But today is about relief and sheer joy. My eleven year old son and I danced round the living room when we heard the news – radio 4 went as far as to interrupt their normal programme with a newsflash. He’s been following the news of what’s happening in the arab world with great interest, strengthened by the fact that one of his best friends’ dad is from the middle east.

A Green friend, Barry Gills, professor of global politics at Newcastle University, will be speaking tomorrow at the rally organised by Stop the War Coalition at Monument at 2pm. This is part of a Global Day for Egypt supported by Amnesty International and the TUC. The call is to wear red, black or white, the colours of the Egyptian flag, as a sign of our solidarity. How wonderful that it will now be a celebration rather than another angrily determined call for Mubarak to go!



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