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In a stinging riposte to the Channel 4 documentary last week, War on Want, World Development Movement, UK Food Group and Practical Action argue that Greed not greens cause hunger. Good to see War on Want still campaigning so strongly and getting to the heart of the politics of GM – I used to work there, back when it was Latin America that had the debt crisis…

A direct challenge to C4 was sent in a letter from a southern coalition of NGOs
led by the wonderful Vandana Shiva from India.

Meanwhile the documentary’s pro-nuclear propaganda was countered by Caroline Lucas in the Sunday Herald in an article Nuclear is not a viable energy stop-gap.

I’ve just signed the Save our Forests petition and the 38 degrees site has a good few other excellent campaigns – George: pay your taxes, Protect green jobs, Let’s stop cow factory farming, Back renewable heat, and Stop Trump evicting local families – you can add your name to the deeds of a plot of land slap bang in the middle of where the US billionaire wants to build a massive golf course – on wild coastal land north of Aberdeen (where my brother in law lives, which is why I have immediately signed up!) – well it worked for the Greenpeace campaign against the Heathrow 3rd runway (at least it was a very successful tactic, getting people involved in the campaign).


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