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Tax injustice has been in the news – with those cabinet members being exposed by the Channel 4 Dispatches documentary and then the Vodaphone scandal – and brilliant protests closing down their shops.

Let’s get a regional campaign going to challenge this. Everyone’s welcome to a meeting on Tax Justice next Thursday 11th November 7pm at St Johns Church Hall, Grainger Street, Newcastle, with a speaker from the PCS union – organised by Left Unity.

The flyer for the meeting is titled The Artful Tax Dodgers and under photos of Osbourne, Mitchell and Hammond, asks the question “Have you seen these men recently, or do you know of their whereabouts?”

They were caught on National CCTV, Monday October 18th around 8 pm, engaging in anti social behaviour. It seems these three gentlemen, Messrs Osborne, Mitchell and Hammond, have been perpetrating tax avoidance. And depriving the country of much needed resources at a time of budget deficit crisis.

They say ‘we are all in this together’ – but unlike them, most of us ordinary folk do pay our taxes.

Fiscal Crime Watch would like to hear from you on what should be done about all this.

Thank you for your attention

And remember, keep an eye on the rich – they don’t like being watched.


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