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On the eve of the horrors of the cuts announcement tomorrow, perhaps gallows humour but a great choir session this evening. My Green comrade Tony Gair has come up with two cracking songs especially for tomorrow:

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron?
You must think we’re very dumb
Your banker friends robbed our economy
Your stockbroker chums, they took all our money
So who do you think you are kidding Mr Cameron
When you just blame Gordon?

Sung to the tune of the Dad’s Army theme of course!


And then, to the tune of Bless ‘Em All:

They want all, they want all
City bankers and Tories showing gall
They lost all our pensions, show every intention
of taking our jobs, then our dole.

They complain and they blame
the people they’ve forced to the wall
Well none of us buy it, we plan to defy it
Next vote we’ll say bye to them all.


Looking forward to getting some crowd participation going tomorrow with these – we’ll be at South Shields Hospital at 12 midday, then at South Shields Town Hall at 1pm. And then there’s the big regional rally called by the Northern Public Service Alliance at Newcastle Civic Centre at 5pm. We aim to have the Making Waves Choir banner there and to have enough of us from the choir there to really get everyone singing!


Please feel free to sing these great songs (and adapt them further!) wherever you are tomorrow! Make up your own or if you hear any other good songs or chants, do let me know.


Our choir, “Making Waves” is a local co-operative community choir. We sing songs of protest and struggle for peace, freedom, justice (including environmental justice) and equality in a relaxed atmosphere. All welcome, no auditions! We meet fortnightly at the Fisherman’s Mission, Sea Front, Cullercoats, 7-9pm alternate Tuesdays. Come along and join in!


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