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The flood of toxic waste in Hungary is yet more horrifying evidence of the true cost of the capitalist system. And then I listened to tonight’s Costing the Earth programme on plastic rubbish in our oceans. I hadn’t realised but the vortex in the Pacific (already twice the size of France) is not unique. Vortices have just been discovered in the North and South Atlantic, the Indian Ocean and a further Pacific patch. But even worse, 70% of the plastic we allow in the sea sinks to the sea-bed and there is plastic everywhere, right across all the oceans and seas.

On a more positive note, we can now make biogas from our very own human waste
and fertilisers from our urine!

But we have a council which refuses to think creatively about how we move to a zero waste society – instead it thinks that burning our rubbish is a good idea for the next 25 years. South Tyneside Greens are calling on them to stop this – as it the worst possible way forward. Please email or call your councillors if you agree with us – their contact details are on the council website. We have to stop this incinerator!


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  1. I’m afraid the elected members of South Tyneside council just don’t get it!

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