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Thanks to a comrade in Tyne and Wear Left Unity for posting the video of this speech by Caroline Lucas at last night’s Stop the War/CND meeting in the House of Commons.

You can also see her speech at the recent Compass meeting – where she passionately puts the case for a pluralist left with the Greens sharing a common vision and bringing a unique argument for a “steady state economy” – a way for

everyone on the planet to share equally in its resources without betraying our natural world, without betraying future generations.

There will be a Compass meeting in Newcastle on Friday 16 July and my comrade David Byrne from Gateshead Green Party will be speaking. Unfortunately I can’t make it, as it’s our Deaf Children’s Youth Club Summer Family Party. More info soon. David is one of the authors of the Compass publication “In Place of Cuts”.

I managed to get to the community choir “Making Waves” tonight for the first time in months (the elections rather got in the way). Wonderful – good for the soul – to be surrounded by kindred spirits and the magic of the human voice.


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