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It’s official – the Metro bosses paid £5m more to a private company to run the Metro than it would have cost to keep the service in-house. A Freedom of Information request has forced Nexus to reveal this to the Journal.

So not only is a private company now running the Metro at a profit of up to 15%, but we had to pay them £5million more for the privilege. As we in the Keep Metro Public campaign said all along, the whole tendering process was an outrageous waste of our money, with taxpayers also footing the bill for the in-house bid preparation and the whole bidding process, estimated at £1million.

I notice that Nexus’ line is that the Government forced them into this, by making the £350 million for upgrading (or “reinvigoration” as they insisted on calling it). However we had it in writing from the then Minister for Transport that the money was not conditional on “market testing” through tendering, implying that it was Nexus who was insisted on pushing the privatisation.

Well, whoever it was, it’s still an appalling way to run a railway….


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