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Michael White in his Guardian election blog described the launch of our Green Party manifesto saying

it’s a pleasure to read a document that starts off from the proposition that work should be satisfying, that life should be quieter and fairer, that quality time matters.

He sums it up as a “manifesto for a low-key life”. Unfortunately that’s not exactly how life has been over the last month! Which is why I haven’t managed to fit in posting to this blog. If you want to see what I’ve been up to, take a look at our local Green Party website.

And there’s lots of info about our policies, plus our party election broadcast, at our new election website onlygreen.

In a brief break from the campaigning, I was doing some gardening yesterday afternoon and realised the blossom is about to open on the fruit trees that I planted last spring, just as I was starting to write this blog. Wonderful to see the promise of fruit this year, though sad too as I thought of my sister who died last year.

Looking forward to the start of the new term at school tomorrow, and getting planting with my year 6 gardening club in our new raised bed. We’ll also be part of creating a whole new community garden in front of the school.

Lots to do….


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