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The Fat Cat was out again in South Shields last week and the Shields Gazette printed a short article on their page “Candidates step up Shields election fight”. We were getting signatures on a petition against cuts in public services and finding a huge level of support – unlike the Tories who also had a stall. They were handing out blue balloons but not doing any campaigning as far as we could see.

Had a change of gear on Sunday when the Ford Family did the Sport Relief Mile on the Leas. It was a gorgeous day and a joy to do 3 miles. It was great to be part of something linking people right across the country, and being surrounded by over 550 people contributing to the transformation of people’s lives here and in the world’s poorest countries.

I worked as a volunteer in Kenya over 20 years ago and saw how important small-scale, community projects can be – providing absolute basics like clean water and sanitation, when government cannot or will not. In the case of Kenya it was “will not” as there was an entrenched dictatorship in power there at the time, which had the support of western governments including our own.  Something that strengthened my resolve to work politically for justice, an end to poverty and oppression.

Finishing the Sport Relief Mile

Crossing the finish line

We are out with our stall again this Saturday in South Shields town centre and next Wednesday lunchtime at the Nook.


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