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Campaigning is hotting up now and I had the opportunity to try to get a Green message across on the Politics Show on Sunday, previewed on Look North on the Friday morning & lunchtime. You can see the Politics Show online till next Sunday – the piece about us starts at 38.10 minutes in.

You will see the Lib Dems nakedly pitching for the Green vote – Nick Clegg’s speech to their autumn conference directly did so – and of course as Greens are on the brink of getting our first MPs and first overall control of a council, they will of course use this tactic.

Meanwhile, we have been doing the important work in our own areas – doorknocking and stalls in town centres, talking to real people about what’s important to them and explaining our policies – investment in jobs and protecting our public services, controlling the banks (and taxing them, eg the Robin Hood tax) and creating a more stable, sustainable economy, an end to the war in Afghanistan, a decent pension and free care for older people, and a living wage for all.

In South Shields we have a Green stall every Saturday morning 10.30 till 12, in King Street, next to South Shields metro station. Come and meet us there!


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