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Massive relief about the Primrose by-election result. I was out leafletting on polling day, last Thursday evening, urging people to use their vote and it was clear that the BNP really thought they had won. I slept very well that night once I’d heard the result.
UAF issued this message:
The by election result in Jarrow was a major defeat for the BNP. This was going to be their breakthrough in the north east, in a ward where they came second in 2008 with almost 1/3rd of the vote.
In the end Labour held the seat with 854 votes, down from 1005 in 2008 – or 42% down 6.5%, and although the BNP came second they also saw their vote fall from 681 to 566 or 27.9% down 4.9%. The total vote was 2031 down from 2068 in 2008, a fall of only 1.5%.
This result was after the BNP had thrown everything into their attempt to gain their first north east council seat. Griffin and Brons their MEP’s paid several visits and they dragged in their supporters from all over the region to help out. They spent a lot of money on leafleting the ward four times and their so called “Truth Truck”, better known to us as the “Lies Lorry”, was touring the streets.
Yet with less money UAF, TWAFA and other anti-fascist campaigners managed to get our message heard and the voters of Primrose ward, although turning away from Labour, rejected the hatred and racism of the Nazi BNP.
UAF would like to thank all those who gave their time to standing in the cold, snow and rain on street stalls or walking the streets delivering leaflets. If you were out there these past weeks you can now feel justified and proud of your efforts.

However the BNP is now gearing up for its largest ever council and general election campaigns. In just over 2 months this ward and most other council wards will see elections taking place and of course the present government will soon be going to polls. So if you were not able to help campaign against the BNP in this election then why not give us some of your time over the next few months. Please get in touch with us by email if you wish to help. Or if you are unable to give of your time, you can support our campaigning with a donation. Details of how to do so are below.

Unite Against Fascism North East

Donations to:
UAF North East
c/o Newcastle & Gateshead Unemployed Workers’ Centre
4 Cloth Market
Newcastle upon Tyne


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