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Great to find The New Diggers in the Costing the Earth series on Radio 4 last Thursday giving airtime to people tackling the food crisis by making the wasteland grow. Following in the footsteps of the Diggers back in 1649, who declared the land a common treasury and planted fruit and veg on common land. They faced a shortage of food with the civil war and misuse of productive land by the large landowners, and took direct action.

The Incredible Edibles in Todmorden started with guerilla gardening, secretly planting up the gardens of their derelict health centre, and have now practically taken over the town!

The Campaign for Real Farming has as its manifesto A People’s Takeover of the world’s food supply and is a LandShare project.

All this took me back to a wonderful Mayday weekend in Wandsworth in 96, when along with 500 other This Land is Ours activists occupied derelict land on the banks of the Thames and we created an eco-community Pure Genius (the land was owned by Guinness).

And of course, now with the Transition Town movement and the Green Party gaining councillors, MSPs, MEPs and soon MPs (we hope), we are working to create a society that values its food as wonderful and precious and enjoys growing it, cooking it and eating it!


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