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Today is Holocaust Memorial Day and a group of children from my school went to take part in the local event. This day always brings me back to being 15 and meeting my school friend’s dad, who was a holocaust survivor. I have just found his testimony on the Holocaust Memorial Trust website. Roman Halter had become an artist and architect, and showed me his studio with haunting pictures. He lost all his family and it had such a huge effect on me to hear his story, to meet someone who had lived through these unimaginably horrific events.

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) commemorates the tragic loss of life in the genocides of World War II, in Cambodia, Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur. HMD is held on 27 January, the anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust (HMDT) exists so that we learn the lessons of the past to build a better future now.

Light the virtual candle on their website and become part of The Legacy of Hope.

And let’s redouble our efforts to defeat the threat of fascism now, we cannot allow the BNP, a party of holocaust deniers, to win a council seat in our neighbourhood.


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    • Dennis Allsop
    • Posted January 30, 2010 at 6:01 pm
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    Thanks for your post. I had the privilege of being at school with survivors, and until his death, one of my best friends had the good fortune to leave Dachau in 1938, when he was 14, via the Kindertransport. He arrived in England with half a crown, and a bar of soap! What was that about there being no concentration camps?
    Incidentally, during later life, he was awarded an M.B.E. for his services to Charity – what he called “humanity.”
    One of my Uncles served with the Medical Corps during the ’45 War, and he was amongst the first troops to be assigned to Belsen. He took a great many photographs, which I have studied from time-to-time, always with the same sense of horror.
    Anyone who espouses fascist dogma must, I suggest, be barking, and they aren’t necessarily in the B.N.P!
    My Uncle finally left Belsen after the huts had been incinerated, to give medical assistance to those people being repatriated.
    My Wife and I visited the site during 1984, and we can confirm that there was not one hint of birdsong.
    Many thanks to you and your colleagues for giving your time to oppose thuggery.
    I shall contribute financially.
    Veteran – 15/19 Hussars

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