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The sunshine today was a very welcome chance to get out into the garden. I wanted to see how things have fared through the arctic spell of weather, especially in our  mini-allotment in the front garden (created as our first transition town project). Amazingly the onions and the strawberry plant have survived fine, perhaps being blanketed in snow protected them. We had eaten the kale and cabbage before the snow arrived – and they tasted great – as had the sprouts which we harvested on the second workday and shared with Anna and Tony.

Terry, my supportive (including technical support) husband, has almost finished editing the video footage of the first workday, but in the meantime here’s some photos of the second workday.

Digging our second raised bed

Digging our second raised bed

Finished and ready for planting

Finished and ready for planting

Sprout harvest

Ready for the dinner plate

Our planning meeting last Sunday at Bede’s World was a bit hampered by the deep snow – we had to postpone the tour of possible sites for a permaculture demonstration. But the six of us who did make it had a productive discussion, with Bill Quay Farm and Groundwork now involved, as well as Bede’s World. Hoping also for involvement of Marine Park park rangers and the libraries. We are planning a skills sharing day soon – we already have skills such as veg growing, pottery, beer-making, rug making and aromatherapy amongst ourselves, and we want to spread the word to see what else we can share. We also want to show films such as the Greenpeace “A time comes” about the Kingsnorth activists. We will be updating our leaflet and producing posters, so if you can distribute or put up any do get in touch.

Oh yes, and we have a website now.


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