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Happy New Year! Wish it could be a peaceful one too, though that looks even less likely with the latest warmongering about Yemen, and the ongoing war in Afghanistan of course, plus all the other wars, conflicts, occupations….

So a new year’s resolution for me is to be more active again in the anti-war movement this year. With the general election campaign already underway, I will be focusing on holding our MP David Miliband accountable as Foreign Secretary of a government and of a party which once upon a time promised an ethical foreign policy. And indeed I will be standing against him in the election to offer voters the chance to vote for a radically different set of policies.

My lack of posts for the last few weeks was due to a dose of flu followed by a trip for xmas down to Kent to my mum’s, then new year with friends in York.

So just to catch up with what I was up to in December:

We had a successful second workday to construct another raised bed in our Transition Town project – ie my front garden.

The vigils for a real deal in Copenhagen were wonderful events, with over thirty people at each, but the grey politicians failed us, complacently fudging a woefully inadequate deal. So please just vote some Green ones in this year!

I joined a wonderful community choir Making Waves over the river in Cullercoats – very good for the soul.

Plenty going on already this year, with a Keep Metro Public campaign meeting tonight to plan how to continue to work together to monitor the privatised metro and to campaign on wider public transport issues. This is a priority for us as Greens, being both a central part of a real Green New Deal, delivering green jobs, and an issue of social justice.

This Thursday night (7th) there’s a meeting of Tyne and Wear Left Unity looking at the broad range of campaigns in the region, where we have achieved success and what we could all learn about working together more effectively and gathering more people to be involved. It’s open to all, from 7 – 9 pm in St John’s Church Hall, Grainger Street, Newcastle.

On Sunday 10th we are having the next South of the Tyne Transition Town meeting at Bede’s World, Jarrow, from 2pm, starting with a tour of possible plots for permaculture demonstration and other food growing projects, then the meeting from 3pm. We hope to start up a technology and film-making group too.

A busy year ahead – as an optimist, I’m trusting it will be a green one for everyone.


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