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Next week’s thrilling opportunity for domestic extremists is the Keep Metro Public lobby of the Integrated Transport Authority on Thursday 26 November from 9.30am till 10.30am at Newcastle Civic Centre.

This used to be called the Passenger Transport Authority, but of course passengers are no longer relevant. This authority is supposed to have democratic control of our public transport in Tyne and Wear, the Metro in particular. It is made up of 16 councillors from the 5 boroughs of Tyne and Wear and they are in charge of Nexus which runs the Metro on all our behalf. The Metro of course was built at all of our expense and has been a public service run for all our benefit. Despite this these 16 councillors have nodded through the privatisation of the Metro without a vote.

As the announcement of the winning bid draws ever nearer (no date has been given to us the public of course) this lobby may be the last chance to hold them to account. Our campaign won’t go away though whichever bid wins.

More info from Vicki Gilbert, Chair of KMP, phone 0191 289 4241

Last week’s people’s railway protest got some media coverage – BBC local news and on Sky website.

People's railway protest

People's railway banner at Newcastle Central Station

Keep Metro Public banner at Central Station

Keep Metro Public banner at the protest



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