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So the crazy dash for nuclear continues. How can Ed Miliband be so stupid? When the science is saying we must reduce emissions NOW and drastically, how can he put all the eggs into the nuclear basket? Even with the dictatorial new planning law designed to steamroller the 9 new nuclear power stations into action by 2017, that will still be way too late – and there will be all the carbon emissions involved in building them anyway.

Then of course there’s the mythical clean coal, which again cannot solve the immediate problem of cutting emissions in the next 5 years – because it DOES NOT EXIST!

One bit of good news though – the proposed new coal fired power station at Cambois near Blyth in Northumberland, has been shelved. The campaign group Panic Stations- People Against New Coal Stations – has won an important victory, with RWE npower shelving their plans. Panic Stations are now campaigning for the site to be redesignated as a base for clean, green technology.

Our message from the regional Green Party is that we welcome the decision and back the campaigners call for the site to be used for something positive instead. Our bigger message is that the most effective way of reducing carbon is to reduce consumption…

If you haven’t seen the film Age of Stupid, it’s on at the Customs House in South Shields next Monday, at 1.30pm and 7pm. Go and see it and get active. We will be there with leaflets about our Transition Town.



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    • Dennis Allsop
    • Posted November 15, 2009 at 4:03 pm
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    Yes, the carbon release during construction is always neatly ignored.

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