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A moving documentary about the work-in on Clydeside back in 71 on BBC 4 last night – Time Shift: The Men who built the Liners was great to watch with my mum as there’s family history there – my mum’s grandfather was a works manager at one of the yards there – his father had been a sailing ship captain. “Such was the Clyde shipbuilders’ pride in their work, and the strength of public support, that in 1971 they were able to defy a government attempt to close them down and win the right to carry on shipbuilding.”

We urgently need that level of solidarity now in the face of the onslaught from both Tory and New Labour. The strength of the vote by the postal workers for strike action shows that people can organise and are not demoralised, that unions can be a force for change.

Tomorrow there will be collection and leafletting in solidarity with the postal workers at Grey’s Monument in Newcastle from 2.00 – everyone encouraged to bring banners and placards.

The next meeting of the North East Postal Worker’s Support Group is on Tuesday 3rd November at 6.30pm at Gateshead Civic Centre – 2 minutes from Gateshead Metro.

As the flyer for the meeting says

Postal workers across the country are taking strike action in defence of their conditions and a vital public service. Solidarity from every trade unionist and service user is vital. Civil service workers, teachers, council workers and others face similar attacks on pay, jobs and conditions. All of us face widespread cuts in public services and the threat of privatisation as we are meant to pay for an economic crisis not of our making. There has never been a more urgent need for unity and solidarity.

This meeting will be discussing and organising practical solidarity and support for the striking postal workers. Please bring donations, collections and ideas for fundraising events and activities.

For further information about the meeting contact 0191 433 2948 or 0754 550 1332



    • Dennis Allsop
    • Posted November 6, 2009 at 5:10 pm
    • Permalink

    Saw your new veggie plot whilst leafleting. Potentially mouth-watering.
    Well done.
    During the ’45 war, my Father created veggie plots along the railway embankments.
    Don’t suppose that would be permissible now!

    • shirleyford
    • Posted November 7, 2009 at 11:54 pm
    • Permalink

    Thanks Dennis. That wartime spirit is exactly what we need now, so who knows maybe we will be seeing veggie plots along the Metro lines. Though that may be harder if the privatisation goes through, or the fat cats may want to charge for them – they will have to make their 15% profit somehow.

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