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The Prince of Darkness himself will have a chorus of protest when he arrives for his lecture tomorrow night. Not only are we in the Keep Metro Public campaign going to be there to call for a u-turn on privatisation of our Metro, but the Stop the War coalition will be demanding the government “Bring the troops home – Jobs not Bombs”. There may even be some striking postal workers there, who knows…

KMP will be outside the lecture at Harton Technology College, Lisle Road from 6.30pm till the Mandelson lecture begins at 7pm. Our fatcat, Sylvester, will be there along with “fatcats” in bowler hats. We will be handing out leaflets to the audience as they go in and asking them to raise this issue in any opportunity for questions to Lord Mandelson or indeed his host, Mr Miliband MP.

Another update on the Metro situation – the 3rd bidder Serco-NED were in fact rejected, no reasons given, no right of appeal, though do have the right to legal challenge…. Also the 4th bidder, Hong Kong-based MTR, who pulled out in May, are acting as consultants to the so-called in-house bid – murkier and murkier….


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