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BNP leader Nick Griffin should not be on Question Time next week and yesterday’s Guardian editorial Wrong party, wrong programme made the argument crystal clear.

Unite Against Fascism is calling upon all of its supporters to protest to the BBC by

  1. Complaining to the BBC by phoning 03700 100 222 or online at
  2. Signing the UAF statement by going to
  3. Joining the Facebook group protesting at the BBC decision at
  4. Demonstrating outside the BBC’s “Pink Palace” in Barrack Road, Newcastle on Thursday the 22nd of October at 5.30pm

Go along to the Love Music Hate Racism gig at the Cluny after the demo on Thursday 22nd 7 till 11pm. Tickets £3 on the door, from the Cluny or phone 07863 599 987. Acts include Underline Hero, The 27 Club, DJ Dave, Charlotte Yanni, Jontun and Urban Geisha.

We cannot allow this normalisation of a fascist party. The fact that the BNP have had councillors and now 2 MEPs elected does not mean that they are democrats. Their policies are clearly fascist, as were Hitler’s when he was elected, before of course he tore up the constitution and launched the Third Reich. Fascist dictators were in power still in Europe (Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal) until the 70s, in my lifetime, and my mum was born in 33 when Hitler was elected. As a letter to the Guardian yesterday pointed out some of our grandparents had to face down the British Union of Fascists [letter from Steve Perry]. This is the time to stand up against the fascists, before they get any stronger; not to allow a liberal ideal of free speech to justify a high-profile appearance by a fascist leader on our public service broadcaster.


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