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Keep Metro Public campaigners went to protest outside the constituency surgery of Minister for the North East, Nick Brown MP, in Byker last Saturday morning. Mr Brown had not replied to our request to meet with him in his role as Minister – in fact we had tried six times and been fobbed off with the usual “he will get back to you”.

We were in full song “We will keep the Metro public, yes we will….” when Mr Brown arrived and was about to sweep past us without a second glance until he realised the cameras were there! He stopped to ask “What’s all this about?” and when we carried on, he tutted and went inside the community centre.

The cameras were from BBC Look North along with photographers from the Sunday Sun and the News Guardian. They interviewed a spokesperson from our campaign and tried to get Mr Brown to come out and talk – he didn’t…

Mr Brown’s election agent arrived shortly after, Davy Woods, who happens to be the Chair of the Integrated Transport Authority (which was until recently the Passenger Transport Authority – obviously all pretence of passengers being important now being dropped). Mr Woods kept repeating that he couldn’t speak for Mr Brown and didn’t have anything to say himself.

One of Mr Brown’s secretaries followed and he was unaware of our requests and that he would get back to us. Surprise, surprise no invitation to meet Mr Brown has arrived yet.

Keep Metro Public lobby of Nick Brown MP, Minister for the North East

Our demo was covered on Look North last Saturday and in the Sunday Sun the next day. Today’s Chronicle has an excellent article clearly laying out RMT’s case against the appalling industrial relations record of the private bidder, Deutsche Bahn.

The next exciting opportunity to protest is at the Peter Mandelson lecture in South Shields next Friday 23 October, 7pm, Harton Technology College, Lisle Road, South Shields. We will be demanding a u-turn on the privatisation of the Metro. Mr Mandelson was good enough to do a u-turn on privatisation of the Royal Mail – he needs to get the same message from Reds and Greens here in the North East. We won’t let the fat cats take over our public services without a fight!

PS It was my turn to wear the lovely Sylvester Fat Cat outfit – any volunteers for the Mandelson demo?!


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  1. Another reason to vote New Labour…
    Best of luck with the campaign.

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