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The South of the Tyne Transition Town was born yesterday and we will be doing some digging very soon!

Our first practical project will be the conversion of a normal front garden to food production, starting in 2 weeks time. The garden in question is actually my own – I offered it as we have been intending to do this but haven’t managed it on our own. We all decided that this would be a good place to start and would show that it is definitely not all about big projects, getting grant funding or permission from the council etc etc. It is about small is beautiful and starting in one’s own backyard. We really have to foster that war-time spirit, when people had to grow as much of their own food as possible. We will have to have carbon rationing and although this can sound grim, we can have lots of fun together too.

It feels very exciting to be part of what is now a global network. It was great to have a speaker from the Durham Transition Town which has been going over 2 years to share their experience and give us the wider picture, especially the inspiration from Cuba’s survival after the shock of the end of cheap Soviet oil.

We also had a Newcastle Transition Town member come to support us and invite us to their Apple Day at the Community Orchard in West Jesmond next Saturday 17th October. It’s 2 till 4pm on the corner of Highbury and Fairfield Road, nearest metro West Jesmond. There will be a session on how to grow apples and pears successfully up here, plus lots of fun and apples to try. Everyone welcome.

We decided to work on food growing, transport, awareness raising, renewable energy, using new technology and education/working with young people.

We will be showing films such as Age of Stupid, End of Suburbia and The Power of Community: How Cuba survived peak oil. More on this soon…

So if you want to join in – get in touch! Especially if you want to do some digging.

Think Global – Act Local


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