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The Green Party’s European elections broadcast premiered tonight and here it is:



    • David Revett
    • Posted June 4, 2009 at 10:11 pm
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    I am extremely annoyed this evening at the unfairness of this European Election. I believed that the election would be as last one operated using an STV system and I wanted to put Shirley Ford and the Green Party as my first preference.
    However, as this has reverted to FPP (or at least F,S&TPP) and considering the threat from the BNP I felt I had to vote for one of the existing candidates.
    This is not choice! This is not democracy!

    • shirleyford
    • Posted June 5, 2009 at 10:36 am
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    I completely share your anger about the unfairness of the electoral system David. Over in the NW region, which was the main BNP target, with Nick Griffin BNP leader standing, the only way that the smaller anti-racist parties could work together against the BNP was for a tactical decision to withdraw to avoid splitting the vote. The Respect party did decide to do this and to ask its supporters to vote Green. The Green Party agreed to reciprocate in future elections. We will have to see if this tactic has been enough, along with a very serious and tough campaign of course.

    So, thank you for your support and I am sorry you felt you had to vote for a sitting candidate. Unfortunately in the UK we have one of the least fair PR systems for the European elections, a very complex one where the party with the most votes gets the first seat, then its vote is halved for the allocation of the second seat and so on. This does still favour the larger parties. This is explained in an excellent animated video on the national Green Party website. The choice of type of PR system is up to each country’s government, so I suppose it’s not surprising that our governments have chosen the one nearest First Past the Post.

    The Green Party is campaigning for electoral reform, both of the Westminster first past the post system and for a fairer PR system for the European elections. If you are not already a Green Party member, I would urge you to join us and help us get these reforms through. We stand a real chance of getting Green MPs elected at the next general election – in our target seats in Brighton, Norwich and Lewisham. We must use the opportunity of the recent explosion of public anger with politics as usual to break open the rotten system!

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