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Sorry for the lack of posts over the last 2 weeks. I’ve been away visiting family and friends for easter holidays. I did mean to write but just too much good company. Kent was wonderfully green, spring being weeks ahead down there. Back home now and the garden needs serious attention.

Next week will be back to school and the next phase of the gardening club.  We will be branching out from our courtyard of tubs and pots, to take over a neglected raised bed.  The children have been so delighted about their seeds germinating. Their enthusiasm has led to a family learning gardening course being started this term, for parents and carers to come in to school and work with their children. I’ve had such a great response from everyone working in the school, the caretaker finding trays and a mini greenhouse for us, the cook bringing seeds in to share, teachers passing on tubs and pots and the deputy head putting our gardening news on the school website. Real community….


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