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Can hardly believe my ears.  Today’s Food Programme was all about urban food production in Cuba and a new scheme promoting this in London.  It spelled out that we are going to have to grow our own food as part of  de-carbonising, with oil being a finite resource and of course contributing to climate change.  The only criticism I have is that they didn’t mention Guerrilla gardening specifically.   Perhaps that’ll be a future programme!

Meanwhile, Gardeners’ Question Time had a Soapbox slot calling for an end to plastic plant pots.  Chris Beardshaw, one of the regular panel, was calling for the Great British Gardening public to rise up and demand sustainable pots made of coir, rice, paper, woodchip or seaweed. He didn’t hide his outrage. We use 500 million plastic pots every year and most end up in landfill, taking 500 years to breakdown. Recycling takes too much energy and schemes at garden centres are  just marketing spin.  They breakdown into dangerous, carcinogenic chemicals polluting our water and soils.  The solution to this wasteful and toxic problem is to use plant-based fibres which rot down into humus which is good for the soil.  And only adds 10p to the cost of a shrub….


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