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Caroline Lucas completely demolishes Eon’s argument for Kingsnorth in her letter in yesterday’s Sunday Times.

Why is anyone seriously considering either coal or nuclear, when the energy-saving and renewables option is staring us in the face?  And why, in a recession, would we be looking to coal and nuclear to create jobs in 15 years time, when renewables would create several times as many jobs per megawatt starting right now?

And RIGHT NOW is when we need to act.  The excellent Age of Stupid film would leave nobody in any doubt of that.  The premiere event yesterday was a great achievement, but the discussion after the film was disappointing.  No Caroline Lucas or George Monbiot.  Don’t know why not, they were billed to be in the Q&A.

Ed Miliband was there and was challenged.  And there was a clear message that we need direct action to try to stop the crazy plans for Kingsnorth, Heathrow, new nuclear, motorways etc.  BUT what was not strong enough was the political message that we could hurt the politicians where it really hurts – their votes.  Miliband was visibly shocked when Pete Postlethwaite threatened never to vote Labour again.  One of the options on the pledge Postlethwaite signed to pressure the government was to “vote for anyone but Labour”. But punishing them by voting for either of the other 2 grey parties will not achieve anything different. 

The only party that would make a difference is the Green Party. We need a huge vote in the elections in June. If we have lots of Green MEPs, Green Mayors and Green councillors actually gaining power, then there really would be a way of stopping some of the madness and bringing in the radical measures needed, like carbon rationing.

The European elections in particular are a chance to make sure that the EU is right out there leading the way, BEFORE the big Copenhagen conference. Yes, the big demos round the world in December are important, but let’s give the government a fright in June!



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