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Snow!  What wonderful inspiration for my inaugural blog post.  I am about to get a whole lot more of it too – as long as the trains are running tomorrow!  We’re heading for Aviemore for half term, a big family get together, hoping to make the most of the snow.

This holiday is to recover from the shock of the death of my sister last month. She lost her struggle with a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer, after all conventional treatment failed.  After the diagnosis last spring, she found a great determination to take control of her health.  She went over completely to organic food, lots of raw veg and fruit juices, drinking mineral water, chucked out all the harsh cleaning chemicals in the house, switched to organic cosmetics and toiletries, stopped using plastic containers, clingfilm etc etc etc.

But it turned out to be too late.  The damage had been done. We live in a highly toxic world.  The chemicals spewed out by industry are in our food, water and air.

I have been aware of the damage to health for 20 years through the work of campaigners such as Women’s Environmental Network, and it is a priority for me as a Green.

The Green Group in the European Parliament have taken a lead on reducing our exposure to pesticides and food additives.  Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for the South East, is a member of the European Parliament Environment Committee and succeeded in getting the REACH directive adopted by the Parliament. REACH, the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances, is a step in the right direction to protect us from the most harmful toxic chemicals. But was hard won, against fierce lobbying by the chemical industry.

A good argument for a stronger European Parliament that can stand up to the power of the multinationals.

And a good reason to vote Green in the European elections in June!


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